HVAC Air Command is dedicated to delivering quality service in a prompt and cost effective manner.  Our experience servicing all types of commercial HVAC and refrigeration equipment ensures dependability and accountability.

Your satisfaction is our top priority.  We were here yesterday and will be here tomorrow to meet your needs.  We know how important it is that your systems stay up and running. 

It is our guarantee to our customers that all possible efforts will be made to ensure your complete satisfaction.  All of our personnel, both in-house staff and field technicians, are available to address your concerns. 


Don Bernal, the owner of HVAC Air Command, is always accessible by phone, or to meet on a jobsite when necessary.

Our clients include restaurants, school districts, office and industrial buildings, medical facilities, retail stores and drug stores.  References are available.  So give us a call at 800.994.9299


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